10 November 2009

In the spring of 2011, I will have the blessing of returning with students! What an experience it will be five years later, and what an opportunity for the 15 currently registered.

30 June 2006

Done. Provence almost whipped Allana and I, but we claimed a beach day, picnics, wonderful conversations, and slap happy stories on the train (beware of belly dancing cultists in black robes).

Done. One last night at Elisa's, conversation, breakfast, and pink bathrobe goodbyes in the hallway while I carried 70lbs of luggage. I've written elsewhere about that, for those who know me franchement.

Done. Conversation with Swedish forester on the airport navette. Conversation with 22 year old Mormon ending her Slovenia mission. Conversation with Mom, Paul, Nick... how easy it is for my heart to find words to express faith in English!

PS - my book of Mormon has a dedication and pictures o_O

20 June 2006

Farmers' market in tents on the quais of the SaƓne, across from the Roman hill and gothic cathedral.
Peaches, shiny red cherries, new potatos, braided garlic sets, plum tomatos on the vine, melons cut into starbursts and ready to taste.
Charming the hostel guy for the use of the oven and can opener.
He gave me half a baguette and butter to boot.
Silk: painted velvet, screened scarves, meters of gold ribbon, remnants of every weight, looms to fill a room and jangle rhythmically away.
Metro, buses, tramway, city-provided bike program.

How to import Lyon?

10 June 2006

My suspiscions have been growing about why there are so many dogs about Paris. The theory? Parisiens needed a manner to differentiate themselves from the hordes of tourists that invade, and their solution involved a visual accessory. Although owners do travel the SNCF accompanied by pooches, a dog sends the obvious message of, "I'm out to walk the dog, not sight-see, and obviously I live nearby." Besides a leash dangling from the wrist gives one a chic air that even the latest pocket camera cannot.

What is it with puppies, pooches, and muts here??